So…I need to explain something here.

As I sat down to work on today’s page (yesterday)…I realized that Nastajia was actually supposed to KISS the Merman back on Wednesday.

She was supposed to show Alex her tail today and he says “oh”.

I thought about going back and redoing Wednesday’s page so that they kiss…but with over 100 comments since that page was put up…I figured you’re all already invested in the “almost” kiss.


So this was a solution I felt worked best.

Nastajia shows that the mer-kiss is non-sexual. And I can continue on with the pages as intended.


Now…while I have the Mer-people VERY flirty. (which leads to these sort of miscommunications)…

I also come from a family that hugs and kisses when greeting.

On my Sicilian (dad’s) side…it’s mostly a hug.

On my Assyrian (mom’s) side…it’s the kiss on both cheeks (not fun with aunts with fuzzy upper lips…yuck).

So these kisses are both a greeting…and a transference of magic to “welcome” you to their home.


You all know that these books are for All Ages…but there are many “deeper” things in this story. And while “sex” will never enter the story…romance and relationship still are a major part of Dreamland.


Thanks all!

See you on Monday!