Hi all!

So sorry for missing yesterday’s page. The 6 days gone for webcomic con (and visiting family too) left me playing catch-up.


Had a good time at the con. Got to meet lots of other fellow webcomic creators.

There was “Mookie” from Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

And Chris from Misfile!

We did a “Fantasy in Webcomics” Panel together (the 3 of us).

And I got to meet Gordon from Multiplex!

And even Yan and Marie from Drowtales! They both did a wonderful sketch for me too!

Here’s Marie and me with their sketches. Dan and Nastajia.

You should check out Drowtales too!


I also got to see several other great people from Dr. McNinja to Phil and T. Campbell to so many more.

I’ll try to post more links later!