Thank you all for your patience during this week of pages.
For some reason…the rendering software HATES these beach scenes.
So the renders are taking about 20-30 hours per frame to render.
It’s so frustrating.

I’m working on better ways to speed up the render times without losing the quality.
But I thank you for being so great while I try to keep up my schedule of 5 days a week.

Also…I want to thank you for funding The Dreamland Chronicles Book Five!

200 of you have come together and funded the printing of the latest book! And I thank you ALL for your support!

I can’t wait to get the books in and do sketches and personalize each and every one of them for you!


I can NOT thank you enough. And I can’t put to words how much your support these last 5-6 years has meant to me.

You are all like family. Thank you.