Hi all!

We’re at Disney World! I’m sure we’re having a SPECTACULAR time!

Thanks for coming by here M-W-F this week and next while we take this MUCH needed vacation.

It’s been over 2 years since we’ve gone anywhere as a family…and I thank you ALL for helping make that possible.

Your support over the years has been tremendous.

On that note…

I’ve been asked a few times where the DONATE button went. I just couldn’t keep up with the desktops and prints. Not with all of the movie stuff going on.

I know many of you still like to throw money in to support the site every once and a while…but I feel best if I keep it away. If only for now.


If you would LIKE to throw some small donations to us while we’re in Disney World…I won’t say no.

It’s HECKAEXPENSIVE here. And I promised the boys we’d go to the Lego Store before we come home. Yikes.

Anyways. For those that like to do these small gestures of good will. Here is a link. Just for this week.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And look for another update  MOnday.

See you next week!