Hey everyone!

I’m really sorry about this, but I’ve been asked to get my screenplay (Gary the Pirate) ready for the studio. And it’s kicking my butt.

Add to that the other movies we’ve sold, the iPad app, and of course, family…I think the 3 pages this week may be all I will be able to present to you this week.

You all know how much this pains me. But rather than rushing a page out…I’d appreciate it if I could pick up again on Monday.

I hope you understand.




Hey all!

So, don’t forget…I’ll be live tonight on Moonhawk Studios Presents!

The actual show is on Talkshoe! So please stop by and say hi!

And I’d like to again apologize for the delays with each page. I know it’s only a few hours late. But so many things are piling up. I’m afraid it’s going to get worse.

We’ve sold two movies (neither are Dreamland) at this point. With 2 more finalizing (one of them Dreamland).

I’m re-writing my Gary the Pirate script as we have interest from a studio.

And our iPad app is expanding possibly to include other kids titles.

Add to that the kids, family, and other fun stuff…I’m just worried that I may miss a day or two here and there.

Not enough to make me want to go to 3 days a week (yet)…but please know that I feel horrible when I miss an update.

After 5 years of consistency…it feels like a blemish on an otherwise “perfect attendence” record.


I really appreciate all of the encouragement and “don’t worry about us” posts.

It means a lot. Thank you for being so patient and wonderful.

Have a wonderful day. Hopefully, I’ll speak to some of you tonight.

And don’t forget to tell people about our iPad app!