Happy Monday, all!

I am SO sorry about Friday.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will know that our iPad App finally got approved from Apple!

Yes. ALL of my comics (including the 4 Dreamland Books) are now on the iPad!

Between that, the 3 movie deals, and getting ready for my sons’ much delayed birthday party…I just couldn’t get Friday’s page done.

It’s very unlike me, I know. But I hope you’ll understand.

Now. On to happier things.

The iPad App!

Currently it sitting at #12 in the top Free Apps in the Books Category.

That’s fantastic!

What I’d LIKE to do is see it get up to the Top 10 (and dare I even hope for #1 in Books?)

All it takes is for you, your family member, friend, etc who has an iPad to download it.

That’s it.

Here’s the link…

We’ve put a LOT of time into this. And I would REALLY appreciate you all spreading the word. Getting us downloads, and hopefully reviews too.

I’m new to the iPad…so ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.

Can you please help us out?