Happy Monday (and Valentine’s Day) all…

Some cool things happening here.

1) Our iPad App is now IN REVIEW!

This means that Apple is looking it over and making sure it’s not buggy.

Hopefully we’ll have some good news for you soon.

Thanks to Kyle and Chris from Dreamscape Visionary LLC


You guys were a dream to work with!

2) I’m going to start putting my kids books online as well.

Just finished (thanks to Phil Hofer) the Ed’s Terrestrials version.

Please take a look. Post some comments.

And of course…show your friends.


3) I’d like to have a “HUB” from the Blue Dream Studios site that people could go to.

From there…they could get to all of the books (including Dreamland).

But not sure how to design the page.

Here’s the current page.


Anyone have any thoughts?


Should I just register edsterrestrials.com and have it a seperate entity?

Like Dreamland?