Thank you all for your understanding this week with me dealing with the sick kids and such.

Logan’s all better now. Hopefully we’ll have a “normal” week next week.

Also…thanks for all of your support with the ads too.

You may not realize it…but less than 1% of my readers actually read the blog and participate.

I’m told that’s normal…but still…if you’re reading this…please know that I appreciate you taking the time each day and interacting with me.

We get upwards of half a million hits a day from all over the world.

And maybe 100 people a day might post on the site. Or buys our books.  Or stop by at Facebook or Twitter.

And that less than 1% of you supports my family and I by these means.

That is incredible.

I just wanted you to know. Because I’m sure you may not think that the little things you do help.

But they do.

They really do.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

And we’ll see you here on Monday!