Happy Monday!

Today (more or less…I can never remember the exact date) is our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Five years ago today I tried something new. I put my comic book The Dreamland Chronicles (of which I had 3 issues produced) online daily.

At first…it was just me and my family coming to the site.

Then slowly…a new reader here. A new reader there.

Links from generous established webcomics like InverlochΒ and EarthsongΒ helped tremendously.

I soon realized…I found a HOME for Dreamland.

Not in comic shops. But here…online.

I’ve been blessed to meet such wonderful people from all over the world thanks to this decision to go online.

It’s completely changed our lives.

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been reading along with me for the last 5 years (or those of you who this is your first time here).

Thank you for making this a wonderful experience. And hopefully we’ll see this to the end…and beyond.

Have a wonderful day!