What can I say about yesterday?

You guys are the best fans (and I hate to call anyone a fan…I prefer “Fellow Dreamers”…or something of that kind) in the world.

Let me break down some statistics for you.

On an AVERAGE day…we get about 100,000 page views.

On an AVERAGE day…we bring in about $40 in ad revenue.

On an AVERAGE day…we get about 40-50 ad clicks.

That’s about a .4% click through rate.

But yesterday. Simply by you wonderful people unblocking the ads for our site.

With none of you doing anything more than coming to my site. Some of you clicking an ad or two (of your own free will. I’m not allowed to encourage it).

By this simple gesture. We earned over $300 yesterday in ad revenue.

Now I know it’s not normal for people to talk about how much you bring in and such.

I know it might be seen as “unprofessional”.

But this is what happens when good people do good things.

And I want you all to know that something as simple as turning off an ad block to help us out….did THAT!

Thank you.

Thank you for letting those ads show up when reading this page.

Thank you for checking out some of our advertisers.

Thank you for being involved. For interacting with me.

Thank you for making The Dreamland YOUR world as well as mine.

Thank you, my fellow dreamers.