Happy Monday, all!

So we got our Book Fours in last week.

For those that didn’t follow the Kickstarter program…I had a limited edition of 100 blank covers made.

We had a lot of orders for these. They’re the same book inside. But I would do an original sketch on the cover.

They sold for $50.

Once I got them in. I realized I had to figure out how to draw on these covers. They’re not exactly drawing paper material.

It took meΒ a lot of time to work out the right pencils and markers to use to get the best results on the covers.

Here’s four covers I did over the weekend. Trying different mediums and such.

These were mostly tests. I’ll start on the purchased ones this week. Get all the orders out.

But I’m torn as to what to do about the test books. And remaining couple dozen blank issues.

Should I sell them in my store?

Should I sell them on Ebay?

Any suggestions?

I think they’re fun to do. And I’m enjoying drawing again.

Please let me know your thoughts.

And if you’d like to purchase the regular version…you can do so here…

The Dreamland Chronicles: Book Four with Personalized Sketches!Β 

Thanks all!