Hi all!

Welcome to Chapter 16!

I have a few things to say before we move on…

1) Thank you all for allowing me the 1 month break between chapters. This is a HUGE chapter in pages (over 150) and in scale (it’s all war).

2) Because this chapter is all action…I will not be guaranteeing a 5 day a week rate. Things are just so big…I will do what I can. But please know beforehand that there may be a delay here or there while I work on a page.

3) Book Four is being printed right now. I should have them in my hands by mid December. For those of you who missed the Kickstarter program to pre-order…I’ll be putting the store up as soon as I have a better idea of how many books I can get before Christmas.

4) Still no news on the movies. Some things came up. Serious things.

So we’ve been lying low while things get sorted out.

But I’m told we should be hearing things this week.

Thanks all for your encouragement and well wishes during this time.

I hope to have some good news for you soon.

And look forward to showing you the first page of Chapter 16 tomorrow.