Hi all!

So a few things this week.

1) I had a wonderful interview over at Chapter 16 last week! Check it out!


2) I’m hoping to FINALLY get word from IDW that Book Four will hit stores in a few weeks.

3) There is some movie stuff going on right now. So if I am not able to update regularly this week. That is why.

Things have been very hectic and I barely got this page out to you all.

Just a heads up.

4) Some of you mentioned that yesterday’s page wasn’t up to the quality of the first time we saw the tomb exterior way back in Chapter 1.

I went back and checked. Sure enough…the older software (Chapter 1 was done in 2003) was using different texture techniques that didn’t transfer to the newer version of today.

So I had to redo the textures. Feel free to click back and check it out. Hopefully it’s a bit better.


Thank you all for pointing that out.

I hope you have a wonderful week!