Hi all!

Sorry. This page was a bit rushed. I think I may need to tweak it a bit more (dialog and some art) over the course of the day.

So if you see it change…you know why.



Some new stuff.

First off…

The winner of the Nicole/Felicity original print goes to….

Kathryn Zajdel of Titusville, FL!

Kathryn…I’ll be signing your original and mailing it out.

If you’d like it personalized…just let me know. And congrats!

I’d like to thank you ALL for the donations. I can’t tell you how much they’re helping us out.

And on that note…I’ve made a NEW desktop.

Now please don’t feel that I’m pushing for multiple donations. I just felt that after a couple weeks…I should announce a winner and move on.

Plus…I wanted to try something for the LADIES!

So I give you….Alexander!

So sexy!

And finally…

I’ve been getting a LOT of requests for more Gary the Pirate on Wowio.

So here it is….

The whole book!


Hope you enjoy.

And thank you all for reading!