I’d like to thank Phil Frumph from http://frumph.net/ who generously donated his time to help me get the prints working.

Including the ONE OF A KIND prints.

That’s right. For those of you who wanted the ONE OF A KIND prints…get them now. Once I sell it…they’re gone forever.

We’ve also added the DOUBLE PAGE SPLASHES to the rest of the site. YAY!

And hopefully next week…I’ll have the store up and running.

Next week I’ll randomly select a winner for the Nastajia painting. So again…if you’d like a chance to…feel free to donate to get your name in.

I was told that $45 was too cheap for the originals. But honestly…I want you all to have them.

I want the most amount of people to be able to afford them. Really.

So it’s $25-29.50 for the regular prints and $45 for the one of a kinds.

The one of a kind prints have no word bubbles (so you can see more art).

And finally…

Thank you all for the donations and support. I think your’e going to love the prints. And I am so grateful for your help.

You guys are the best.