Happy Monday all!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Things are happening in Dreamland this week. But also…by Wednesday…Alexander wakes up.

So expect some time in the real world for a bit. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s today’s vote incentive.

It’s an early design of Astoria (where Nicodemus lives) that Stefano did. Originally…it was going to be a normal bay type city.

But seeing this image…it looked like the water just dropped off. And it sparked an idea for the big waterfall.

It’s amazing how one little thing can lead to something else…isn’t it?

Anyways. Hope you enjoy seeing the inspiration.

Also…this is kind of funny…

I found my company’s old Demo Reel.

Yes. From 2006. There’s some golden oldies in there. From Nascar racers to Casper to Aliens vs Predator.

Take a look. Have some laughs at what me and my fellow Blue Dream Studios animators used to do before I started doing the webcomic thing.


Hope you enjoy. And have a wonderful day!