Well…another week. Another cliffhanger?

Really. You guys know by now that I do not and can not PLAN this.

Every page is a “mini-cliffhanger”.

So odds are…there’s gonna be a cliffhanger each day!


Still…this is a really fun chapter. I hope you’re enjoying it so far. It gets really good.

Here’s today’s desktop page/vote incentive.


As of yesterday…we now have The Dreamland Chronicles on the Sony PSP!

If you have a Sony PSP…please check it out. There’s more issues coming.

I’d love to hear how it looks on this sucker. Please let me know.

So to recap…we now have the Dreamland Chronicles on the Sony PSP…

The Xbox…

And also on the iphone!


(sorry…no direct link to Dreamland books…you have to download the IDW app)

That’s pretty cool…right?

And Dreamland Book 4 is headed to the printer soon. That hits stores in a couple months.

I guess you don’t realize how busy you are until you take a moment to take stock.


…OK. Back to work for me.

Have a great weekend you all!

And thank you for supporting me so I can keep doing what I love.