Hi all!

Look! I did a sound effect!


Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s page. Today’s page…I like…and I still am looking at it going “hmm…I COULD tweak it some more”.

Maybe it’ll hit me before the book comes out next year. We’ll see.

As promised….new vote incentive.

Hope you like.

I mentioned yesterday that it seems only 3% of the readers are voting.

Just very odd. But expected. After 4 years of this…this is why I don’t have a permanent link up.

I’ve had a very prominent vote button at the top right (where the jukebox is currently). I’ve updated new vote incentives daily. I’ve tried all that.

But still…only a small percentage vote.

Granted…with the amount of traffic we get…it still keeps us in the top 20. But I wonder if there’s something I’m doing wrong. Or if it’s just the nature of my readers.

I remember when I (for half a day) put the blog up FIRST. Then you had to click on a thumbnail to get to the page.

WOO! What a STINK some of you made about THAT…ha ha.

But a lot of you said you simply don’t WANT to read the blog. And I can respect that.

Just know that next week. When I stop putting the vote incentives and link to TWC up. It’s not because I don’t like you.

It’s not because I’m too lazy to. It’s simply because it’s one more bit of clutter on the site that’s not really doing much for the traffic or fanbase.

I hope that makes sense. And I hope you all understand.

I’m happy to try these things from time to time.

I LOVE the input. You all should know that by now.

But some things work. Some don’t.

Unfortunately this darn voting thing just doesn’t work for little ol’ me.

And I’m OK with that. I hope you guys are too.

Have a wonderful day. And see you all tomorrow.