I fixed Nastajia’s eyes.

I think these will be her new eyes.

I was going for a Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) look.

I hope you like…

And thank you all so much for the feedback on the first version today. I fixed it as soon as I found a suitable look.


Hi all!

I’m really trying to continue to improve (even after 6 years of working on this story) on the art. I think this page came across pretty well.

I’m also lightening up Nastajia’s eyes.


Also…we’re about 5,000 people a day short so far.

I was hoping that once I started updating again last week…we’d get everyone back.

But we haven’t.

Where’d you all go?


This is why I’d not taken any time off in the past.


Well…I may need to start advertising some.

I’m babbling here…aren’t I?

Ok…I’m done.

Hope you’re all doing well.