Oh my. I can NOT wait until all of this fire is gone.

I really should have thought this out a little better…

….ah…who am I kidding. I wouldn’t have taken the easy route.


The Dreamland WIKI page is coming along nicely.

Thank you all for chipping in and getting this thing going.

I know that with the hundreds of characters and environments we have…this could become a fun way for you all to help build this world up even more than I ever could.

SO please join in and have fun. There are HUNDREDS of background characters who need names and backgrounds and such.


Thank you especially to Sven Geusens for taking the lead on this.

I’m still “pimping” my Dreamland Facebook page all this week.

So thank you to all who have joined. And I know some of you have mentioned you joined FACEBOOK just to join in.

I’m quite flattered. Thank you.


It’s great updating again. And I just want to thank you all again for waiting for me to get back to this.

I wish the time off was restful (one of these days I WILL need a vacation). But it was needed.

Have a great day. And see you all tomorrow.