We’re BACK!

Wow. That was a HECK of a long hiatus.

Thank you all for your patience and support during the month and a half off.

Lots of news today!

First off…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sons Brendan and Logan!

They turned 7 today!

How time flies. Brendan is now up to my collar bone. Logan’s only an inch behind him too.

Seriously…they’re almost as tall as my MOM (she’s who my sister and I measured ourselves to first since she was the closest to our height).



My dad is out of the hospital and we had a great time watching the Super Bowl with him yesterday.

They removed part of his colon to get to all the cancer. But still some was found in his lymph nodes they removed.

So we all appreciate the prayers and thoughts. He’s doing great…but still a bit to go.


We won the Webcomic List Awards’ for Best Non Traditional Art!

Check out the fun announcement that Wendy Wood did.


And thanks to everyone there. Including the other nominees.

A Softer World

Union of Heroes

and The Pure and Hidden Truth.

All of whom can be found in the link above.

It’s a true honor and I’m quite flattered to have won.

And finally…

We now have a Dreamland Chronicles FAN PAGE on Facebook!


I’ve already posted over 500 NEVER BEFORE SEEN art from the making of Dreamland.

So please join in…and say hi.

I’m giving some free XBOX GAMES CODESΒ to members.

Ok…that’s it.

It’s great to be back. I’ve got a LOT of work to do to build up a buffer.

I actually have NOTHING for tomorrow. So I’ll be working hard all day.

Thank you all for waiting up for me.