OK…yell at me.

Tell me I’m horrible. But I can’t stand waiting any more.

I finished the script for Chapter 14 yesterday…and I am diving into storyboarding and then pages.

I’ll start off with 3 days a week for now…and once I get enough pages done…we’ll resume our regularly scheduled program of 5 days a week.

Rather than you guys looking at making of and whatnot for another couple weeks…I want you to get back into the story.


I’m feeling great. I still have several months to go to completely heal my spine.

But…I can work. And I am NOT pushing it. I promise.


But I love this world. I love this story. And I want to get back into it.

This chapter is huge. It’s 167 pages. That’s like…33 weeks of pages. Yikes.


So please indulge me as I start up with the next chapter a few weeks sooner than I had planned.

See you Wednesday for page one of Chapter 14.