Today….Alex flew.

I had to keep reminding myself while working on today’s page how important it was to the story.

This is the day that Alex really becomes a man. That he takes everything he’s learned. And decides…there’s something bigger…more important than him.


On a personal note. This is a bit autobiographical I guess.

I was just like Alex in many ways growing up. Cocky, always focusing on my own thing. I missed a lot of important events with my family because I was focused on my art, or whatever was on my radar at the time.

It wasn’t until I met Donna that my eyes were opened. I realized how selfish I was.

Suddenly…I saw my mom doing laundry. And wanted to help.

I wanted to help my sister in school.

It was as if I saw it all for the first time.

All because I had this wonderful girl in my life (she was 19…I was 20) and all I cared about was making her happy.


This is the path I wanted for Alex. His journey. It followed in many ways my own.

And now. Alex can TRULY be more than he ever could alone. Because of the love of Nastajia.

Both his love for her…and the love she will return to him.

In many ways…I think that’s the only time a person feels “whole”.

Though a child’s love for their parent is pretty cool too.


But Alex is WAAAAAYYY far away from THAT type of love. TRUST me.


Anyways. I hope you’ve enjoyed this momentous page. And I hope my rambling didn’t do anything to diminish its importance.