I had a great time at Baltimore Comic Con.

My thanks to Marc Nathan and his crew for taking care of me and making me feel like a star.

They helped me with shipping my books, fed me, and treated me like royalty.

I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often. They’re THAT nice!


And of course my buddies at Kids Love Comics were too kind. Letting me hang out with them. Watching my booth as I roamed around aimlessly when I took breaks. And hanging out with me for dinner and just being pals.

I got to hang out with old friends.

Tracy Bailey and her mexican persciption diflucan husband DeBray and friend Liz came and had dinner with me on Saturday Night. We had AMAZING Italian Ice afterwards…YUM!

Lora Innes and her husband Mike went to lunch with me.  What an wonderful couple. I want to see them again. We had a great time.

My buddy (and Wolverine creator) Len Wein was a guest. Paddington and I got to see him a bit. Not as much as we’d have liked though.


Lar deSouza came by. We had a nice time talking whenever we could. And I hope to hang out with him more.  Just never enough time…

At least he gave Paddington a good hat.

I also got to meet so many great people. Some fans who came all the way from Australia and New Zealand. Wow.

And others who didn’t have to drive far…but I still had to give ’em a hug when I met them.

And other pros too…

Steve Conley was my booth buddy. And an awesome guy. He and his wife were wonderful. I came home with some foam swords and the boys haven’t stopped playing with them.

I got to meet and hang out with Rival Angels creator Alan Evans. Really nice guy. You should check out his comic.

And Jamal Igle came by too. We swapped books. And I TOTALLY won out in the deal. His work is incredible! You have to check his stuff out.

I got to meet the fabulous Luna Brothers who also swapped books with me. I have SO much reading to do. I can’t wait to dig into these volumes.


Speaking of volumes…

There was a booth where they were selling the Marvel Omnibuses for 60% off. Really.

So I picked up 3 of them.


They’re like 1000 pages each! I nearly broke my back getting home.

And there’s much more…but…the COOLEST. Most AWESOME thing EVER was when I got to meet my first ever COSPLAY CHARACTERS!

Yes…I was greeted by none other than Felicity and Kiwi!

How adorable is this?

Just check out that tail and striped stockings!!!

*Passes Out…*

And if that wasn’t enough…little Sydney and Katie brought me FAN ART!


I was speechless. I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself.

It was cute overload.



And now I’m home. And I’m working again.

But next year…I’m bringing Donna and the boys.

I shouldn’t be able to have that much fun alone. I need to share.

And that’s my weekend.

Thanks all who came out.

Hope to see you again soon.