Hey all…

My buddies Tom Bancroft and Rob Corley wrote and directed this video for the band Relient K.

They designed the characters too.

It’s a wonderful video. They showed me last week at their studio and I REALLY enjoyed it.

Check it out and get into the Holiday spirit a little early this year.

Tell your friends too!



Production story:
This is animation development company, Funnypages Productions (www.funnypagesprod.com) first fully FLASH animation based production.  Located just outside of Nashville, TN, Funnypages Productions is founded by long time former Disney animators Tom Bancroft and Rob Corley.  Relient K really gave Funnypages a lot of freedom on the story and visual style of the music video.  Tom and Rob came up with the concept of the band as cute, though-slightly-grungy bunnies with the lead singer, Matt Thiessen, falling for a skater bunny girl.  When he chickens out from asking her on a sleigh ride, his bunny buddies decide to help him out by stealing Santa’s sled for a holiday “joy ride”. Santa discovers his missing sled, gets mad, and uses all the powers of Christmas to get his sled back! The visuals are stylized and reminiscent of “Once upon a Wintertime” from Disney’s “Melodytime” as well as other classic Christmas TV specials.  

The production studio was “virtual” with the main hub of Funnypages Productions providing direction, character designs, storyboards, layouts and animatic out of Nashville while animation was produced around the world: including Canada, Australia, California, Florida, and Georgia.

The animation team was made up of Brent Bouchard, Enoc Castaneda, Erik Girndt, Michael Huang, Chris Kennett, Missy Roode, Mike Owens, and Jayson Thiesson.  Background Painting was by Tod Redner.