Hey all…

A long time friend and reader, Shiro, made some prototype hats. We were talking about the possibility of making this in mass.

Long story short…I got so busy…I never gave her any notes. Add that to the total recession and lack of funding to produce these in mass…and…well…it kind of sat there.


Shiro has waited patiently for MONTHS for me to do this…and finally…we decided to put them up for sale on her Etsy store.

These are SO Cool. I want to do these again. I’d love to own them.

Anyways. These are ONE OF A KIND hats. So first come first serve.

Here’s some pictures…

The Dreamland Chronicles - Nastajis Character Hat - Long Ponytail The Dreamland Chronicles - Felicity Character Hat - No Brim The Dreamland Chronicles - Paddington Character Hat

And here’s the link to her store…


Go quickly. There’s only a handful and they’re hand made by Shiro.

Thank you Shiro. I promise you…we’ll do this again soon…