Hey all…

After spending several hours speaking with Platinum Owner Scott Rosenberg and Wowio execs/owners David Palumbo, Will Lidwell, and Kristin Ellison…I’ve got more news on things.

Wowio is at a point of re-building. It’s not the same Wowio I’ve grown to love. But it’ll hopefully get back to that place soon.

WIth that in mind. I’m holding off on joining back up with Wowio.

It is my hope that at some point in the near future they will get enough sponsors to open up Free Downloads for EVERYONE. That’s what made Wowio so great when it was just the U.S. residents. It was FREE.

I’ve had so many people tell me how much they loved the making of books, the animated books, and all the rest of the 70+ books I put up on Wowio over the last year.

I’m quite flattered.

This is a major reason why I don’t feel comfortable putting these books up for sale. The site is free. The Wowio downloads should be as well.

Over the last year I’ve really come to respect the people at Wowio…and after speaking to them again this last week…I respect them even more.

Did you guys know that they paid out over $500,000 last year to publishers?

Maybe you did.

But did you know that they didn’t have the Sponsors to cover that?

So what did they do? They did a very honorable thing. They covered everyone’s checks by paying out of their accounts. The owners of Wowio paid us out of pocket.

That garners some respect from me.

So I’m willing to wait.

I’m not a fan of the “preview” feature (which is essentially a mirror of our webcomics). And I don’t need/want the pay to download e-books.

But as soon as they get Sponsored worldwide books up and running. I’m there.

I hope it’s soon as I really want all of you International readers to see how much fun they are.

Plus I have several other books ready to go too. Gary the Pirate, My Grandparents are Secret Agents, Cameron and his Dinosarus, and Hyperactive.

It’s killing me holding on to them. So please…PLEASE hurry up Wowio!


Thank you all for your patience and I hope this explains my point of view and lack of participation on Wowio at this time.