Well after almost 3 years of consistent updates…I’m going to take a break and build up another cache of pages.

Chapter 12 (the halfway point in the series) ends on August 21st.

So I am OFFICIALLY asking other webcomic creators and artists for guest strips.


A couple things to mention.

1) In case you didn’t know…The Dreamland Chronicles is an ALL AGES book. So of course…PLEASE keep it clean.

2) I know not every webcomic out there is All Ages friendly. But I will post WARNINGS on the site with the link to your page if your site contains stuff the kids shouldn’t see.

This being said. The GUEST COMIC will need to be All Ages friendly. But your site doesn’t have to be.

3) Please pass this news around and if you do NOT have a website or are an artist who wants to “TRY OUT” for it. I welcome that.

If you’re a fan who wants to do a a page,ย please send in your submission to me and I’ll see what I can do.

Pages should be 600×900 jpgs.

You can do multiple pages if you’d like. Please work in your own style. And have fun.