While I want to thank you all for downloading the Wowio books.

And please don’t stop…

I thought it’s time to show you guys something else here in the blog.


I’d made a new animated banner I’ve been using here and there for ads.

Let me know what you think.


And this is a BLAST FROM THE PAST.

This was an ad for The Dreamland Chronicles back in 2001.

I had it in the back of The Lab.

The Lab was my first attempt to do a 3D comic.

Before Spider-Man.

Anyways. It’s pretty crude. And kind of funny.

But here ya go.


Check out that TU TU (is that the right spelling?) on Kiwi!

Anyways. Thanks again for the happy birthday wishes, the purchases of the books, and the downloads to Wowio.

Your support in all things is so greatly appreciated.

Hope you have a great day!