Ok…I think I’m getting the hang of this.

This issue. NO turnarounds or flythroughs.

All character animation throughout.

It’s getting fun.

Now…you may notice that Kiwi has no butterfly trails. And the water doesn’t splash or ripple.

I am spending at most 2 days on these (the weekends) so I don’t slow down on the actual comic.

So please cut me some slack…ok??


And as always…

Here’s some sample pages for our non US residents who can’t yet get on to Wowio…

Find these frames in the page and click to see them come to LIFE.

Page 7 where Alexander sees an opening that leads outside…to his first real look at Dreamland again in 8 years…

Some fun with the mermaids…and Alexander’s reaction…

Alexander sees Kiwi for the first time as an adult…

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Thank you all…and hope you’re enjoying the story.