First…the new voting incentives.

I was sent an illustration of Felicity that I’m just in LOVE with.

Click for the vote incentive (and of course the rest of the image)

The artist is Tracy Bailey. The creator of Catena!

Tracy is such an incredibly talented artist. You MUST see her work and give her lots of hugs.

The second and third votes are from Karen. She sketched these while at comic con.

I loved them both…but could only afford one of them. Nastajia.

Apparently the Kiwi image doesn’t show up…so here she is…

And for my other news.

My book Pet Robots which debuted (is that spelled right?) in San DIego last weekend was optioned by Disney.


This means it may become a live action movie. Yay.


I’ll keep you all informed of how it goes.


Thanks to Jon Silk from Benderspink who made it all happen….and a big thank you to Eric Suddleson from NFTD (the law firm) who had my back and made everything cool.