What a long week. Yikes.

Still. It was good. I have some great news to tell you all (but can’t until they let me).

Also…I got to meet SUCH wonderful people. I’m so flattered that so many of you read my little comic.

Thank you all.

I met fellow web comic creators, old friends, made new friends, and got to meet so many readers of Dreamland from all over the world.

We gave out copies of Issue 2. The raffle was fun and I’m sorry everyone didn’t get a copy.

I’ll have it for sale in a couple months. Promise.

Karen was great (when she wasn’t picking on my drawing skills) and it was good to hang out with her again.

Miss ya Karen.

A big thanks to Kevin, Lisa, Kevin, and Jason for helping out at the booth. They came all the way from Chicago and spent time giving me breaks, selling the books, and even helping me tear down the booth Sunday night. Thank you!

Me, my wife, and the boys again want to thank everyone for their friendship and hospitality. We’ve been going for 17 years now and it’s become a tradition to spend a week in San Diego.

It’s just so much wierder coming out from Tennessee.

Anyways. I hope you’ve enjoyed the recent pages…and I REALLY need to get back to work so there’s no stoppage.

Thank you all.