So I had an idea.

Actually my buddy Kevin gave it to me by accident.

We were talking about the Official Handbook of the Β Marvel Universe. Remember the comics that used to come out?

With the characters. Their wieght, height, dimensions, powers, back story, appearances, etc.?

Well…they can do that now with the Wiki sites.

With about 200 characters and places in Dreamland now…I was thinking it’d be fun to get a site up where we can add backgrounds and history to the world. Really flesh it out a bit.

And in the process…have some fun.

I know a lot of you are great storytellers. I’ve seen your fanfiction. It’s wonderful.

And this would be a way to reach into this world and we would establish some history, rules, and such.

What do you guys think?

Sound like fun?

If so…would you prefer we set something up on my site?

If so…I’d like to have it be by registration only. So not just any passerby could mess around with it.

Or do you think we should do it on Wikipedia?

I’m open to any and all suggestions.



We have a wiki up here. Let’s see if it works.