We’ve finally put all of the sketchcards up on Ebay!

I’m so thrilled to help promote this Literacy Program with my fellow comic book and animation artists.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to donate your talents to help promote literacy in helping First Book get books out to kids who can’t afford them.

It’s amazing what we can do (as artists)  to make the world a better place. Just by donating some time to put pen, pencil, or marker to a simple sketch card.

We recieved almost 100 cards from some of the biggest misoprostol and best price names in comics and animation!

Artists like Tim Sale, Sergio Aragones, Frank Cho, Dean Yeagle, Joe Pekar, David Peterson, and many more.

Many of my fellow webcomic creators joined in as well. Look for Penny Arcade, Looking for Group, PVP, Girl Genius and a bunch more too!


Dreamland Chronicles Sketchcards



I’ve put each and every one of these cards up at only $1.

So ANYONE can afford these original sketches.

Every bit helps. So please tell your friends!


Thank you!

Scott Christian Sava