Over the last 3 years…I’ve had dozens of you ask me if I could put up a DONATE button. Or if you could send me money.

I thanked you all and kindly said that I prefer to keep this professional and that if you wanted to support me…you could buy my books and toys.

That’s all I can ask (as well as keep coming back of course).


But I’ve also been asked about putting up an Amazon Wish List. Some people are just too generous.

So…after spending a week at the world’s largest comic book convention and not really leaving my booth the WHOLE TIME. I realized…I haven’t had a chance to read any comics.

So I FINALLY put together a wish list.

My Amazon.com Wish List

This is NOT a request for ANY of you to buy anything for me.

This is just something in response to some very nice readers who wanted to do something nice.

As always. I simply enjoy your company. And want NOTHING more than to have you read Dreamland FOR FREE every day…and enjoy it with me.

Thank you all.