I’ve received a few emails and messages from new readers who’ve asked me why I’m not updating regularly.

Rather than explain to everyone individually…I thought I’d put up a post here.

About 8 weeks ago…I was injured in an ice hockey game. In my spine.

I’ve not been able to work, stand, sit, and pretty much ANYTHING for the last 8 weeks.

Fortunately I don’t need surgery. But I do need a bit more time to heal. (Doctor’s Orders).

Luckily this came at the end of chapter 13. So I’m able to work on the next chapter here and there as I start to recuperate and regain my buffer of pages.

I hope it won’t be more than a few more weeks.


And for the record…for 3 years…we’ve not missed an update of 5 days a week.

That’s how we’ve posted almost 900 pages in 3 years. It’s mathematical I tell ya!



So please forgive me while I take my first break in 3 years and heal my spine.

As most of the regular readers know…I’m a FREAK for professionalism and consistency. But nothing lasts forever…and my health does come first.

This was expressed by the readers MANY MANY times to me. And I don’t want to cross them.


In the meanwhile…I will be posting “Making of” Pages 3 days a week so there’s something to come back to.

Hope you enjoy it…and thank you for your patience.