I want to again thank you all for offering to help me fix my hacked company site.

I really am…WOW….thanks.

I took your advice and grabbed the index.htm file from a cached google page and tweaked it to get the main page back up.



Here’s what I need to do next.

1) The top banner is supposed to be random. There’s a javascript but I don’t know if it’s working.

2) The news…I’d like to get rid of it. Simply put some images of the books up. Or maybe just a single NEWS ITEM or something HOT to add there.

3) I will be taking off Animation and Toys. I guess I should change Publishing to Books…or Properties?

4) I need to add several pages. But want to use this SAME template. Just swap out there welcome part and news and throw in an image and text. there should be a page for each of these items…


So that’s like 15 pages or so.

5) I want to make sure there’s no more ways for people to hack in. Like last time. If anyone has experience with that to check the code…I’d appreciate that.

6) I’ll work on getting the About Us and Store links working again.

7) I really like the javascript that allows you to click on Generic propecia 5mg the image and it expands (Like in my store) so i want to use that throughout.

8) Any other advice would be great.


That’s it. I thought maybe posting it here would help and I’ll try to do all of this on my own…with your advice.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time. But I appreciate anything you can do.

Thanks again