Hey all…

I wanted to take some time today to talk to you about Lora Innes’ comic the Dreamer.

I got to meet Lora in Baltimore and we exchanged comics and such.


What a wonderful and extremely talented person!

On top of similar names to our books and a fascination for dreaming…we also share the same publisher.

Yes. The Dreamer and The Dreamland Chronicles are BOTH published through IDW.

I’ve read the first 3 issues of the comic and it is SO smart and well researched and fun and…well….you HAVE to read it.

So click this picture. Click it NOW!

No…wait. Finish reading this post first! WAIT



Whew. THank you.

There’s one more thing to add.

Lora just sent me a wonderful Halloween piece she did with her characters dressed up as characters of other webcomics! Can you guess who Beatrice is dressed up as???

Can you???



I’m so glad I met Lora at Baltimore and hope to hang out with her again soon.

She’s such a wonderful person and so talented. Pleae go say hi. Read the wonderful story. And…well…thank me later.