This last weekend. While I was in Baltimore. We had a milestone.

On September 28th…it was 20 years ago that I met Donna.

We were both in College (I was in The Academy of Art in San Francisco…she was at San Jose State).

It was her first day at the Emporium. I was working Fashion Jewlery. She was working Handbags.

We hit it off instantly. She was 18. I was 19.


Since then…we graduated college, got jobs, got married, moved to Los Angeles, made new friends, bought a house, played hockey, bought another house, had twins, and moved to Tennessee.

And that’s the SHORT version of it.

Oh…and I lost my hair.

And Donna got more beautiful!

I just wanted to say how blessed I am to have found a best friend, a soul mate, and a companion for this thing we call life. I’m so happy to grow old, hand in hand, with you Donna.

Looking forward to another 20…40…60? years together.

Look at it THIS way…I can’t get any BALDER…right?