Well we got a good night’s sleep and are all happy to be home.

I thought I’d show you guys some pics of all the wonderful characters and people we got to see at Heroes Con. It was such a great con to take kids to. Everyone was so friendly.

I had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones too. The kids had a blast and Donna (my wife) had a great time too.

Here’s some pics (in no particular order) of our adventures in North Carolina…I hope you like ’em.


The Joker and Harley Quinn were walking around all 3 days and were SO funny.

Logan (seen here) was a bit cautious…but brave enough to have his picture taken with them.

Brendan (not seen here) took off screaming “RUN RUN…IT’S THE JOKER!!!” in a desperate attempt to find Batman. He literally ran around the whole section of the con making a full circle and ending up face to face with the villains…staring at them in a stupified look before running away again….sigh.

Racer X, Speed Racer, and Trixie stopped by the booth. How awesome are these 3?

Iron Man came by looking for the boys (he had heard they wanted to meet him). He had repulsor beams that really lit up and his voice was also digital and cool sounding.

The boys met up with Racer X and posed as cool as they could with him. But seriously…how could anyone be as cool as Racer X?

The boys found Iron man (almost knocking him over) and almost sat still long enough to get this pic with him.

Thanks Iron Man!

Not one…but TWO princess Leias came by our booth. Brendan was so excited he ran around the convention again. I think he was in LOOOOOVE.


Donna had to hold him still to get this pic.

Always the “Ladies Man”…Logan showed Brendan how to pose with the two Leias…

The gang from Kids Love Comics (minus a sniffly Jimmy Gownley who was unfortunately fighting off a cold and missed this epic picture) from left to right…

Josh Elder (Mail Order Ninja)

Harold Buchholz (Apathy Cat)


John Gallagher (Buzzboy)

Rich Faber (Roboy Red)

Brandon Peterson and Frank Cho are two of the most incredibly talented guys in comics. Aside from having a lot more hair than me (well…doesn’t everyone…sigh)…they are also so much more talented than I am.

I want to be them when I grow up.

Finally….FINALLY I got to meet the adorable Danielle Corsetto in person. As a fan of her strip…I emailed Danielle about 3 years ago when I was looking into taking Dreamland online. She answered all my questions and helped me get things on track.

She’s an amazing artist and hilariously funny cartoonist. I love reading her strip every day…and regret that I can’t add her to my links for Dreamland due to my All Ages rule. But she’s very understanding. Thanks Danielle…for everything. We had such a great time meeting you and I hope I didn’t get you sick from all the Gobstoppers.


And finally…

I was helping out at the Mike Wieringo Scholarship table and I couldn’t believe I was sitting next to the legendary Nick Cardy.

I met Nick maybe 9 years ago when I was in Artist’s Alley in San Diego. He was sitting next to me and we exchanged tips and notes on painting techniques and paper and what not. You know…artist’s stuff.

Well since then…I stopped painting and have been doing all my work digitally.

I gave him copies of Dreamland and introduced him to our boys. (obviously they weren’t around then)

He remembered Donna and I like it was yesterday. What a sweetheart of a guy and an incredible talent as well.


Other than that…I got to meet Budd Root (Cavewoman), Todd DeZago (Tellos), Karl Kessel, Michael Golden, and so many more…

I’m definitely going to Heroes Con again next year.

Thanks to Shelton Drum for this wonderful con…and thanks for letting me and my family participate.