I just watched the movie Across the Universe.

It’s a musical using all Beatles songs.

I was a bit leary of it…but I remember visiting my grandmother’s house in Yonkers, NY as a kid and my cousins had some Beatles records…and I’d listen to them all summer. So it was very nostalgic for me to see this movie.

The movie does have a mature theme to it…so I wouldn’t recommend it to the kiddos. But it was beautifully shot and actually very enjoyable to watch.

I liked it so much…I downloaded the album and am listening to it now as I work on Dreamland.



It got me thinking…

I’ve always dabbled in the back of my mind about Dreamland being a musical movie. Like Beauty and the Beast or Little Mermaid.

I know it’s corny…ha ha. But something about walking out of a theater singing songs you just experienced is so enticing to me.


Anyways…I better get back to my work. At least I have some cool music to listen to.