Hi all…

I just got this email from a reader and thought I’d pass it along.

If you guys can spare a minute or two to click the link and send Grace your well wishes, kind words, and/or prayers…I think it’d be really nice.






My name is Matthew Bramm.  My wife as of April 15 will be going in for her 4th back surgery in just 12 months.  She will be having her broken vertebrae fixed and then fused to another after they remove her ruptured disc.  She is only 24 year old and has been in constant severe pain since Nov of 2006.  I love her very much and hate to see her in such a well of despair at the pain and suffering she has to endure.  I have created a secret website to be a focal point for her recovery, donations, well wishes, and to showcase her music that she created before these medical issues came about.  I am combing the internet trying to find as much support as possible so that when I show her the website (at an appropriate time after she is back home) she will see that many people both strangers and family alike care about her recovery and wish her the very best along with a smooth healing process. 


I am emailing all of my favorite webcomic artist’s because A) you guys have been a source of stress relief and laughs during the darker periods.  And B) you guys might be interested in helping out a dude just trying to make his sick wife happier.  What I am looking for if you would like to lend a hand ….. Maybe post something in your news/forum area about my wife’s plight and help try to draw people to the website so that they can leave a nice comment and hear her awesome music and/or leave a nice comment yourself.  She reads the webcomics occasionally but the pain in her spine has made it difficult to sit in the computer chair long enough for our slow dialup internet to load the pages.


I have already made contact with a lot of people through the City of Heroes video game message boards and various people my family has emailed.  We are up to over 400 hits and I am trying to push it even higher.  What I want is for when she is at a particularly low period in her mental state during her recovery I can put my work laptop on the bed and load up a website full of love and kindness.


Depending on how many artists’ act on this email you may see this topic floating throughout the internet.  Please don’t think I am spamming all you guys … I am just trying to get the snowball to be as big as possible.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated and would touch my wife’s heart a great deal.  I know you are busy with the strips and conventions but if you take a few moments to check out the site and read my wife’s story    http://www.greyghostmusic.com   you may help to provide enough emotional support for her to keep going through the rough 9 weeks of bedrest she has ahead of her before she can even start physical therapy.  I have seen you guys many times rally together to help people in need and as much as my pride hates to ask for help … I need it.  If you have any suggestions on how I may better go about this project please don’t hesitate to let me know.



Thanks so much for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day!,


Matthew Bramm