Hey all…

Well…we’re back in the “real world” again.

Just wanted to update you on things going on.

I’ve got about 2 weeks left of work on Chapter 11 (this chapter).

That will take me to June 5th for pages.

I’ll take a short break to write my next book (The Luckiest Boy) and then start work on Chapter 12.

Chapter 12 concludes book 3.

As for Book 3.

The news…that apparently I never posted here…is that Blue Dream Studios (My company) is now an Imprint of IDW.

This is a really great thing.

I was never big enough to do any real sales. I have no marketing budget…and no sales person.

It’s just me and my wife.

But now that I’m working with IDW…they’re taking over the publishing and they have a great sales team and they’ll be doing all the marketing.

On top of that…they’re really well respected and making a big push in the book industry.

So…back to Book 3.

I was going to have it for Comic Con in July.

But due to the scheduling and such…Book 3 won’t be available until January 2009.

But…the good news is…the figures are coming along really well.

Here’s how Alexander’s looking.



and the Paddington Plush is ready too.




Hm…let’s see…what else…


And Greg finally sat still for a photo.


HOpefully you all remember our mailman who lost his house.

He wanted to thank you allΒ for your generosity the other week helping him out.

So…from Greg….Thank you all!

Other than that…

I want to thank all of you who have been supporting me in so many ways.

Purchasing books from the store (I do read all of your comments…and thank you all for the kind words and your support)

Downloading the WOwio books

Ordering from Amazon

Sending me emails of encouragement.

Frequenting the forums

Posting here on the blog

Telling your family and friends.

Linking me.

And so much more.

Thank you all.

I hope you have a great week and enjoy the upcoming pages.