Hey guys n’ gals…

Writing this to you from our hotel room. But thought it too fun to wait until next week.

Book two of the Making of Dreamland series is up. And I gotta say. I think I did MUCH better than the first.

This one’s about facial expressions. How we make ’em. THe different ways the different characters are set up. How we do that, etc.

And for those of you who can’t get the Wowio books yet (hopefully your time will come VERY soon)…

Here’s a couple samples.

Sample One

Sample Two

As always…there’s over 70 books on WOwio that we have.

That means each of you can download (for free) over 70 of our books…and each download helps support us and our daily updates.

So hope you like this…and hope I can continue to do these.


Now…I’ve gotta get me some sleep.

See ya