Hey all..

I know hot on the heels of helping out our mailman Greg and all…this may seem too soon.

But…I figure…get used to it.

I like doing charitable things when I can. I’m not famous (yet…he he) but I’d like to think if I was…I’d do some good in the world.

So…any chance I can to use my talents to help…I’m gonna do it.


A month ago I did some sketch cards for a Cure for Cancer (some sort of relay I think for a cure).

The auctions went up today. So check them out and feel free to bid.

I did 4 Dreamland cards…

And a couple of other sketches…

Anyways. Feel free to tell people about them.

Also…there’s like 1000 sketchcards donated by artists all over the world. So check out the ebay seller for more.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. And thanks for indulging me with these things.