Hey All…

Hope you enjoyed Chapter Ten…

I’m working on Chapter Eleven…and hope that there will be no interuptions. It’s going well.

I want to ask any of you who’ve not purchased books or figures from our stores to listen to the following.

Our mailman Greg’s house burnt down in a fire a month ago.

He’s doing well…but it’s taking a toll on him I think.

He came by last week and asked us if we could had any packages to mail out.

Apparently for 2 weeks out of the year…the U.S. Postal office bases the mail carrier’s SALARY on how many packages they pick up during that 2 weeks.

So he said if we had any packages to ship out…this would really help him financially.

I’ve never heard of this before (and if anyone knows…please do let me know).

But I thought…”Hey…that’s not much to ask from a guy who lost his house”


From today until Thursday (March 6) I am going to offer a SPECIAL.

But ONE book. Get another FREE.

But ONE figure. Get the other FREE.

Don’t purchase using the Specials that are up there. Just scroll down and purchase ONE figure or ONE book (or if you’re inclined…purchase one of each and get the other book and figure for free).

I also have a few more necklaces left too.

Please don’t feel obligated…but if you want to do something nice for someone…and get free stuff. This may be up your alley.

We’ve offered any kind of help. But Greg’s just too proud. If this is the only way we can help him. I figure I may as well try.


Thanks and hope you all have a great week.