I wanted to share with you a couple poems done on the forum by Larry Roth…aka xaxnar

I think these are really wonderful and thought you’d all enjoy them as well.

On the Other Side of Sleep
by xaxnar 2-14-08

She waits for me,
On the other side of sleep.
I close my eyes,
And once more we meet.

Child of princes,
Fairest of face
A woman warrior
With Elfin grace.

This world is wider than we know
Where lies the land to which I go?
Who is it, whose heart I hold?
Who is it, for whom I stand so bold?

On sword-borne dreams
I trace my flight
Return to her
On wings of Night.

Open my eyes
On Dreamland
I reach for her;
She takes my hand.

Life’s not so simple as it seems
Where lies your heart if not in dreams?
Who’s to say just what is real?
If not those things we hope and feel?

She waits for me,
On the other side of sleep
And I must return,
My promises to keep.

The Rant of Nicodemus
By xaxnar 02-19-08
From Astoria’s keep I rule Dreamland
Kings all wait on my command
Queens in their glory must scrape and bow
Lest displeasure wrinkle my brow

With the Nightmare Realm I league
Undermine all with my intrigue
And here’s the most amusing thing
None dare ask “Who died and made ME king?”

Their past from them I’ve stolen away
History – is what I say
I smile as I stoke their fears
Crocodiles from ME learned their tears

Dreamland squirms beneath my claw
I am the Decider – I am the Law
There’s nothing Good, nothing Evil
All there is – is what I will

Those stinking humans and their dreams
I’ll make a harvest of their screams
Call down nightmares across the land
Twist their spirits within my hand

Into my land they think to creep
And steal some pleasure while they sleep
On their souls I’ll leave my mark
And teach them to respect the Dark.

But now within my rising hour
Is there a threat to all my power?
Is there something out of the past?
That seeks to bring me down at last?

NO! I’ll not have it, not be afraid
From my dark course I’ll not be swayed
By nothing will I be dismayed
And all their hopes shall be unmade

Can Betrayer be betrayed?
Will there be justice, long delayed?
Over my plans there falls a shade
For now – somewhere –
There is a blade…


Thank you Larry. I’m honored by your talents!