Well…after 2 years and almost 600 pages…they finally kiss.

I want you all to know this was all for you “shippers” out there who poked and prodded all these years for it to happen.

I promised myself I wouldn’t let you guys influence me to alter the story in any way. But I had no idea how much of an affect their misfortunes of bad timing and wrong words said was going to frustrate you even moreso than it was Nastajia.

I decided to “speed up” the relationship to have the kiss happen here.

The story still continues on. I just have to re-write some dialog later on. But I think this will be fun to see how the relationship moves from now on.

I hope you enjoy this new chapter. I did it for you guys (except for those of you who wanted Felicity and Alex together. Sorry)


And also. I wanted you guys to know I updated the Topwebcomics vote incentive with a new Animated Gif. This time with Kiwi.


If any of you know how to get the frame rate higher. I’d appreciate it.

I’m using Adobe Image Ready.

Again. Thank you all. This page is for you.