So…still not finding any friends yet here in Tennessee…our nights have been pretty much consumed with reruns of old tv shows and such.

I thought it’d be fun to see if my wife (who does NOT play video games) would like to try WOW.

She was skeptical of course. But we were bored.

We downloaded the 10 day trial for both of us (I haven’t played in a while)

She created a night elf. So I did too.

We joined the Sisters of Elune server. A nice low traffic RPG server.

She’s a hunter…I’m a warrior.

I figure I can take the brunt of the beatings while she figures out the game.

After 10 days…our trial was over.

She’d reached level 10 and as she put it “Kicks major butt!”

So I asked her if she’d like to continue to play. She thought about it for a second…then said…”I know it sounds nerdy but…yeah!”

So yesterday we picked up a copy of WOW at the store and we’re playing together.

I’m showing her the ropes of the auction house and adding talents and such.

She’s now a level 11 and can have a pet. She’s very excited.

After 15 years of marriage…you think you knkow someone. But I’d NEVER thought she’d play a video game like this with me.

My wife is a nerd now.

And I love her for it.