Hey all…

I figured I’d take this time to mention my friend Kevin Grevioux.

You may remember him from his movie Underworld.

Kevin Grevioux - Interview

Or you may remember him from The Hulk, The Mask, Men in Black, and countless other movies.

He’s also writing for Marvel comics right now. Currently on The New Warriors.

But you MAY not know that he has a line of All Ages books.

So if you get a chance. Check out some of his books on Wowio….


Kevin’s a nice guy and has 3 beautiful little girls. So despite his work on Underworld…he’s actually a big ol’ teddy bear of a guy who just loves comics.

So check em out and have fun.

Oh. And if you want to tell him what you think of his work…

Say hi by [email protected]

Tell him I sent ya.